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  • What do I need to be admitted? Students are accepted first-come/first-accepted.

  • Is film experience necessary to be accepted? Film experience is helpful but not required for our program. Theoria teaches a comprehensive curriculum.

  • How do I apply? Click HERE to apply.


  • Theoria is a school of St. Athanasius College.

  • Updates on our accreditation status will be shared through regular communication channels of the school.



  • Do you offer financial aid? We do not offer financial aid at this time. We can provide a payment plan upon request.


  • Can I apply for individual courses? We do not offer individual courses because each course builds upon the learning in previous courses.

  • When does the next cohort start? A new cohort starts every January.

  • What will I receive at graduation? A "Certificate of Filmmaking from Theoria School" at graduation.

  • What sort of equipment do students work with? Students are given their own Filmmaking Backpack with all the necessary equipment to begin filming immediately. Students will also work with the common equipment found on a production set.

  • How do I request a transcript? Fill out this contact FORM to request a transcript.

  • Does the school provide accommodations for students with disabilities? We are willing to make reasonable accommodations to support students with disabilities. Some disabilities and impairments may hinder a student's ability to complete the program.


  • Can I transfer credits from another film school? Due to the unique approach and content of our courses, we are unable to accept transfer credit. However, an exemption from "Camera Boot Camp" may be requested.

  • Will my credits transfer to another film school? The transferability of credits you earn at Theoria School is at the discretion of the other institution. 


  • If I withdraw, can I get a refund? Tuition, except for the deposit, is refundable up until December 10th. No refund is available on December 11th or after.


  • Does Theoria offer housing? Yes, we do provide an option for housing near the church. Housing is $650 per month and includes at least one roommate of the same sex. The total cost for housing is $1,950.

  • Where is the campus? The residency takes place at St. Elizabeth Antiochian Orthodox Church, Murfreesboro, TN.

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